Massage Techniques

Acupressure –
Relieves the body’s pain and medical conditions using specific pressure applied to key points of the body (trigger points). Applying pressure to specific parts of the body aids in bringing the body back to its natural balance.

Aromatherapy Massage –
Aromatherapy Massage is a Swedish massage with essential oils added to the massage oil. The essential oils offer a soothing effect that can help alleviate headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, back pain, and even premenstrual symptoms.

Hot Stone Massage –
Hot stone massage uses warm stones. The therapist places the heated, smooth stones on specific points on the body and also holds the stones while giving the massage. The stones warmth of the stones can be relaxing and can loosen tight muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage –
Deep tissue massage is a focused, therapeutic massage that targets muscle knots and problem areas in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This method uses slow strokes or friction across the grain of the muscle. This type of massage is generally more intense than other forms of massage. This type of massage is beneficial for people with chronic pain or lingering injuries that cause limited mobility.

Prenatal Massage –
This type of massage is customized for expectant mothers. Prenatal massages are performed while the expectant mother is laying on her side and briefly on her back. The goals of this massage are to promote relaxation and pain relief.

Reflexology –
Refllexology focuses on the feet. Under your feet are reflex points that can be kneaded to encourage a healing response in different areas of your body. Each section of your foot is connected to a different part of the body. For example, issues with your spine can be addressed by massaging the arches of your feet. This technique can address issues including headaches, sinus problems, digestion, and many more.

Somatic –
Somatic therapy emphasizes treating the body as perceived from within. This treatment focuses on strengthening the mind-body connection in order to release emotional trauma and the resolution of physical symptoms.

Sports Massage –
This is designed to prevent and treat injuries, improve flexibility, and enhance athletic performance. This technique is variation of Swedish massage. It uses faster strokes, compression, pressure point therapy, friction and joint mobilization.

Swedish Massage Therapy –
This is the most common type of massage therapy offered. It provides full-body muscle relaxation and it can be especially helpful if you’re recovering from an injury. Swedish Massage Therapy utilizes long smooth strokes, kneading, rolling, lifting, small circular movements, rocking, and shaking movements.

Trigger Point Therapy –
Trigger Point Therapy focuses on relieving the source of the pain through massaging trigger points and deep breaths by the client. Trigger points are areas of muscle tissue that are tight and causing pain in other parts of the body. This technique, if used regularly, can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.